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AMD Radeon Pro SSG 2TB + HBM2 16GB

3 Years - AMD
PCIe 3.0 x16
Stream Cores:
Clock Speed:
1440 MHz, 1500 MHz (boost)
Memory Speed:
945 MHz, 1890 MHz (effective)
Memory Bandwidth:
483.8 GB/s
Memory Capacity:
16GB HBM2, 2048-bit
Performance FP32:
12.3 TFLOPs
Performance FP64:
769 GFLOPs
Display Output:
6x MiniDisplay Port
Power Rating (TDP):
350 Watt

The Ultimate GPU for 8K Content Creation and 360 Video Stitching

8K Video Playback

8K video content is currently the most advanced standard for video playback. High-end cameras have the capability of capturing reality in 8K frames, but current playback solutions are often unable to display these frames at full frame rate (>30 FPS) to ensure a smooth or real-time experience. As a result, video playback or editing is often jerky and slow, leading to longer editing times and user frustration.

With the Radeon Pro SSG, video playback performance can not only meet, but exceed, real-time performance requirements because of the card’s ability to process and present this same data at speeds that far exceed typical solid state mass storage. In addition, smooth scrubbing through uncompressed 8K content now becomes possible as the user has almost instant access to any position in the video stream. By being able to handle these large data streams, the Radeon Pro SSG card can empower the user to play back, manipulate, stitch and post-process 8K content similar to how current solutions handle 4K content today.

Design Visualization and GPU Rendering Workloads

Design visualization is playing an increasingly important role in helping manufacturers streamline design-to-manufacture workflows. Advanced technologies, including real-time visualization, physically-based rendering and virtual reality (VR), give design and manufacturing firms a powerful arsenal of visualization tools that can be used at all stages of product development. The Radeon Pro SSG professional graphics card provides the necessary performance required to drive these increasingly large and complex models through the design phase as well as rendering phase of product development.

The Radeon Pro SSG will benefit from workstation certifications and optimizations for many of today’s popular design applications.

In the media and entertainment market, tasks like animation, post-production, and virtual reality (VR), require high-end graphics to support these workloads. They depend on compute speed and driver performance more than ever for shorter load and rendering times. Close collaborations with top software makers, and continuous improvements to performance and quality of AMD drivers have paid off by pairing reliability with the raw power offered by the Radeon Pro SSG professional graphics card.

Raytracing renders a 3D image with photorealistic results by fully simulating the interaction of light as it encounters a virtual object; this technique creates large data sets that must be transformed as the viewer’s perspective changes. These data sets can grow exponentially as additional geometry, and use of large quantities of high resolution texture maps are accounted for.

Media and Entertainment Workflows

VR creators can harness the power of Radeon Pro SSG with next-generation VR camera technology to create cinema-grade 360-degree video with Radeon Loom technology. Radeon Loom revolutionizes the 360-degree video stitching process by addressing its formidable challenges through massively parallel GPU processing to enable both real-time live stitching and fast offline stitching of 360 videos.

Professionals will finally be able to fully unleash their creativity using the “Vega” architecture found in the heart of the Radeon Pro SSG GPU for the immersive and instinctive computing era. Erase the boundaries of distributed teams with virtual reality, create cinematic experiences never thought possible, and visualize creations in ways only dreamed of to achieve the art of the impossible.

Designers and architects will also be able to create high-resolution VR visualizations for collaborative real-time product design reviews and AEC walkthroughs, allowing teams spread across the globe to work together like never before.

AMD’s pioneering virtual reality technology, LiquidVR™, is breaking new ground with advanced features to deliver stunning content, advanced comfort and effortless compatibility with next-generation VR experiences. The Radeon Pro SSG workstation graphics card unlocks many unique AMD hardware features designed to work seamlessly with headsets. LiquidVR™ is dedicated to making VR experiences truly immersive by creating a sense of “presence” – a state of immersive awareness where a virtual world seems so real, you’ll believe you are there.

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